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Preparing For A Storm

Particularly roofs on older homes that don’t meet the latest building codes — are especially susceptible to wind damage and water infiltration. There are steps you can take to protect your roof from hurricanes. Your roof takes the brunt of a hurricane, which can pack winds in excess of 155 mph. Winds that high could cause an uplift in your shingles, or cause underlying roof deck to rise up. A well maintained roof is more likely to sustain high winds. By well maintained I mean by checking out your roof at least once a year. Check your roof for missing shingles. If you have access to your attic make sure to check for any light coming through and to check for any gaps that may allow water to enter your home. Examine the rafters or trusses for protruding nail tips, which indicate that the plywood roof deck might not be properly secured.There are some relatively simple and inexpensive ways you can make your roof less susceptible to wind damage. Replace missing or mis-hammered nails in your shingles or at the points that the roof deck connects to the rafters. Apply roofing cement to the edges of shingles, using a caulking gun. Apply a bead of construction adhesive along each side of rafters or trusses at the points they connect to the roof deck. If heights are not your thing please give Feltmann Roofing Construction & Design a call now at (843)723-1555 for your free estimate, or for our repair specialist to come out and repair those issues for you right away!

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